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Global Talent Network

The production company model of the future.

Untold Fable is a digital-first production company, our unique model combines a production company with a global network of creative talent and a DEI-centric technology platform. This is how we produce fast-paced, social-first, award-winning content - all while making diversity the norm, and not the exception.

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‘There are no good female directors. We looked.’

Lack of diversity in film and content production


Off-screen contributions made by women have barely shifted in 23 years 

The Celluloid Ceiling Report, 2021


Off-screen contributions from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups are decreasing

Diamond, The Fourth Cut, Creative Diversity Network, 2021 


Off-screen contributions continue for differently-abled people, with extreme underrepresentation


‘The most diverse set
we’ve ever worked with.’

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A taste of our network

For every new project, a new brief goes out to our talent network, with focus on their discipline and their location. All are welcome to submit their interest, and we choose those best suited to the unique nuances of the work.

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