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How it works...

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Briefing the talent network

We put all of our efforts into to creating the most diverse production crew for every project, with a  50/50 gender split and POC representing at least 30% of the team. To achieve this, we send out briefs specific to each role, relaying locations, rates, shoot dates and submission deadlines to our network. These briefs are sent to members on our platform, but we also promote them externally through socials, mailers, and paid advertisements.

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Once the brief has been sent out, members can sign in and submit for the brief by attaching work they've uploaded to their profile. We usually send out a brief every week so most of our members continuously add new work to their profiles for us to consider when commissioning. For newcomers, the process is

the same! It just might take them a little longer to build their portfolio for a specific brief.

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Shortlisting Talent

Our team reviews every submission, identifying talent that have potential even if their experience doesn't fit the brief perfectly. The whole purpose of the platform is to commission people that come from diverse backgrounds, giving opportunities to those who might not always get them and stepping away from re-using the same crews for every shoot. Everyone deserves a chance to make it in the industry, away from connections, experience and physical characteristics.

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